Currently doing consultancy work at Black Salt and OnBased Group. Previously doing full stack software development in Frankfurt am Main, Budapest.

I have over 20 years of experience in creating software, and running small IT companies.

I’m focused on mobile and web development, using dart (flutter).

My Process

Full Process Design


I collaborate with stakeholders, ask meaningful questions, probe user goals, motivations, to understand context.


I ideate solutions by wireframing or creating mockups, facilitate design studios, and gather user feedback.


I design delightful, purposeful interactions and interfaces that help the user accomplish his or her tasks.


I prototype the final design either in code (Flutter, dart), InVision, Supernova, Sketch or other tools depending on the job.


I perform research through series of usability tests and A/B testing, evaluate design with analytics, and iterate.


I redo the entire process and use new insights to further bolster the product’s user experience.

Case Studies

Selected Works

Pixabay Picker Plugin

Flutter Plugin

Pixabay picker is a flutter plugin that allows to search and download pixabay media. I have created the plugin to assist eFLYR asset search functionality.

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Ambiental App

Mobile and Web written in Flutter

A dedicated project to help register and administrate different findings and create beautiful reports from them.

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Web App written in Flutter

MCIS is web application that allows to monitor severel film rights/assets on different TV channels in order to find out breach of contract.

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Turul Trail App

Mobile App Flutter

Turul Trail is a mobile app that allows to complete on a trail running race.

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Social marketing video app Flutter

The eFLYR application is a social marketing tool. It enables inexperienced users to create, mantain, and follow social marketing video campaigns on several platforms.

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