Pixabay Picker in Flutter

Flutter Plugin

Pixabay Picker is a flutter plugin which provides a pure dart API for getting media from pixabay.com. Later on we will enhance this project with a Flutter Media picker too.

Albert Papp

My Role


Plugin to access pixabay site.



Create API interface

Note that you can search pixabay localized, if you set the language parameter accordingly in constructor

  PixabayPicker picker = PixabayPicker(apiKey: ApiKey, language: "hu");

Get images for business category

  PixabayResponse res = await picker.api
      .requestImages(resultsPerPage: 4, category: Category.business);   

You can iterate the result like this

  res.hits.forEach((f) {
      // use your media

Get Images with keywords

// get 30 image tagged as dog from pixabay
// note we created the api object with hungarian
// language so the keyword is in hungarian too

res =
      await api.requestImagesWithKeyword(keyword: "kutya", resultsPerPage: 30);

Search other media

You can search for videos too

 res =
      await api.requestVideosWithKeyword(keyword: "kutya", resultsPerPage: 30);

Download media

  BytesBuilder bytes =
        await api.downloadMedia(res.hits[0], Resolution.medium);

Get 3 video and 3 image for each category

  Stream<Map<String, Map<MediaType, PixabayResponse>>> result =
          photoResultsPerCategory: 3, videoResultsPerCategory: 3);

  result.listen((Map<String, Map<MediaType, PixabayResponse>> onData) {
    var values = onData.values.toList();
    var keys = onData.keys.toList();

    print(keys[0] + ":" + values[0][MediaType.video].hits[0].toString());
    print(keys[0] + ":" + values[0][MediaType.photo].hits[0].toString());

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