Web App written in Flutter

MCIS is a digital supply chain directed towards Film and TV industry. The team is looking to solve problems that hinder the process of buying and acquiring content, which costs a lot of time and money, by building a marketplace.

Albert Papp
Ákos Belákovics
János Roden

My Role
Branding and Identity
User Interface Design


Full stack development of the demo product. I set a direction for the architecture and design and crafted a functioning prototype ready for usability testing.

"The industry that MCIS is approaching spends around 240$ billion a year on buying content you (audience, content consumer) like to watch. They have already taken big steps by partnering with some big players in the market. They have received approvals from Disney, BBC Worldwide, ElevenSports, and others."

Anno Film

Founder, Csaba Hosszú

Case Studies

Selected Works

Pixabay Picker Plugin

Flutter Plugin

Pixabay picker is a flutter plugin that allows to search and download pixabay media. I have created the plugin to assist eFLYR asset search functionality.

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Ambiental App

Mobile and Web written in Flutter

A dedicated project to help register and administrate different findings and create beautiful reports from them.

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Web App written in Flutter

MCIS is web application that allows to monitor severel film rights/assets on different TV channels in order to find out breach of contract.

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Turul Trail App

Mobile App Flutter

Turul Trail is a mobile app that allows to complete on a trail running race.

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Social marketing video app Flutter

The eFLYR application is a social marketing tool. It enables inexperienced users to create, mantain, and follow social marketing video campaigns on several platforms.

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